Our activities

Every year we organize training seminars or workshops for parents, professionals and students.

We have also organized three conferences in Larissa

  • International Conference “THE PUZZLE OF AUTISM”
    9 May – 11 May 2003, University Hospital of Larissa
    G. Karantanos, D. Sherratt, J. Tsiouri, Ira L. Cohen, S. Notas, V. Mavreas, J.A. Tsiouris, B. Newman, W. T. Brown M., G. Gerland, C. Sulman, V. Papageorgiou, S. Mavropoulou
  • The Puzzle of Autism… 10 years later, Development & Prospects
    8 May – 10 May 2015, University Hospital of Larissa
    A. Afentoulidou, V. Voutsinas , A. Gena, A. Zizou, M. Ziakouli, H. Kourkoutas, R. Mellon , S. Mitoula, S. Notas, V. A. Papageorgiou, G. Pavlopoulou G., Sigounas, J. Tsiouri, F. Midoucha , P. Baker, P.F. Bolton, Grindle C., Hastings R., Jordan R.R., Langdon P., Love L., Murphy G., Noone S., Tyler E.
  • 6th Greek National Conference “Possibilities & Challenges in Autistic Spectrum Disorders”
    In collaboration with Greek Scientific Network for Autistic Spectrum Disorders

    13 October – 15 October 2017, Municipal Conservatory of Larissa, Greece
    Invited Speakers:
    Ιωάννου Λαμπρινή, E. Aggelidi, S. Alexandrou, D. Avrilionis, J. Vogindroukas,J. Voskopoulos, P. Voutyrakos, A. Gena, K. Giannouli-Chatzipatera, M. Kakaki, G. Karantanos, I. Kouvaritaki, H. Kourkoutas, S. Kotsopoulos, K. Laskaridou, V. Mavreas, F. Midoucha, K. Bolias, K. Bonotis, G. Niotakis, S. Notas, E. Papadimitriou, N. Papadopoulos, K. Papanikolaou, S. Soulis, M. Stathopoulou, E. Tagouli, M. Tassi, E. Tragoulia, S. Fouska, K. Francis, G. Herrera, Jak Dixon, K. Reynolds, P. Shannon

Our association participates as Local Organizing Committee to the 5th IASSIDD Europe Congress “Diversity & Belonging: Celebrating Difference”
18 July – 20 July 2018, Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens, Greece
For more information, please visit www.iassidd.org